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Hurlingham Thu, Mon, Sat, Fri, Wed 0 Votes Starting From KSh3,000.00 Available Today
Hurlingham Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat 0 Votes Starting From KSh3,000.00 Available Today
Hurlingham Mon 0 Votes Starting From KSh3,000.00 Not Available

About “Diamond ENT Clinic”

Diamond Ear Nose & Throat Clinic is a partnership of three well-trained and skilled Ear, Nose & Throat surgeons practicing at the highest level of expertise. They are driven by the need to learn & share professional knowledge and experience with colleagues and improve the quality of life of clients. They have an interest in Otology and Laryngology.

Dr. Gachambi, Dr. Yuko, and Dr. Muthoka offer voluntary services to Operation Ear Drop (OED) which offer very subsidized ear surgeries at Kenyatta National Hospital, Gertrudes, and the County Hospitals

Offered Services

Ent Surgery 6 Services
Allergy and Rhinology
Head and Neck
Otology and Neurology
Paediatric Otolaryngology
Ontorhinolaryngology Oncology