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About “Stephen Onyando Nyambok”

Stephen is a dedicated, licensed physical therapist based in Nairobi, Kenya. He offers many services as a physical therapist including improving joint mobility, therapeutic exercise, balance, stability training, and incontinence issues. He has also seen patients with a myriad of illnesses, such as spondylolysis and herniated disks, and post-surgical rehabilitations such as rotator cuff surgery, knee meniscus/ACL reconstruction, and plantar fasciitis. He has worked with several mental health patients including war and trauma victims.

As a licensed physiotherapist in Kenya, he is also the first contact and autonomous practitioner, assesses patients/clients making a diagnosis (physiotherapy based), offers preventative advice/services, refers to other specialists/services, treats (interventions, advice, and evaluation of outcome), and provide telehealth services.

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