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Dr. Silvanus Wabwire Dr. Silvanus Wabwire

Dr. Silvanus Wabwire

  • Consultant Physician and Neurologist.,MBChB, MMed(Int.Med) UoN, Fellowship in Neurology (University of Cape Town).
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Consultant Physician and Neurologist

“Dr. Silvanus Wabwire” Locations

Dr Wabwire Neurology Clinic Dr Wabwire Neurology Clinic

Dr Wabwire Neurology Clinic

  • Consultant Physician and Neurologist
Upper Hill Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri Doctors Onboard: 1

About “Dr. Silvanus Wabwire”

Dr. Wabwire is a highly educated and experienced consultant physician and one of the top neurologists in Kenya. Throughout his career, he has been compassionate towards his patients and works for their overall well-being.

Offered Services

Neurology 3 Service(s)
Adult Neurology

See a Neurologist if you have the following
- Headaches
- Memory difficulties including dementia
- Stroke
- Weakness of the limbs and muscles
- Abnormal movement/tremors/shaking
- Nerve problems (Numbness, pain in the limbs and burning sensation)
- Back pains
- Loss of awareness including fainting
- Epilepsy/convulsions

Child Neurology
Paediatric Neurology


  • Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MB.ChB). University of Nairobi
  • Master of Medicine (Internal Medicine). (M.Med)(Int.Med). University of Nairobi
  • Fellowship in Neurology. FC(Neuro) University of Cape Town



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