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Dr. Kendi, L.M. Dr. Kendi, L.M.

Dr. Kendi, L.M.

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Dr. Kendi has a special interest in the management of depression, bipolar mood disorder, anxiety, psychosis, and substance use disorders. She is passionate about the mental health of adolescents and youth.

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About “Dr. Kendi, L.M.”

Dr. Kendi is an experienced psychiatrist who provides individualized care. She addresses the psychological, social, and spiritual struggles of every patient to establish the best treatment strategy for them.

Dr. Kendi has a special interest in various psychiatric conditions that are most prevalent among the young and the old. She is invested in the research of these conditions to ensure she provides the best patient care possible. These disorders include stress and depression, Bipolar mood disorder, Schizophrenia or psychosis, Anxiety disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Child and adolescent psychiatry, and Addiction psychiatry

Offered Services

Psychiatry 9 Service(s)
Addiction Psychiatry
Adolescent Psychiatry
Child Psychiatry
Geriatric Psychiatry
Liaison Psychiatry
Military Psychiatry
Palliative Care and Thanatology




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