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Dr Elaine Yuko Dr Elaine Yuko

Dr Elaine Yuko

  • Consultant ENT and Head and Neck Surgeon., MB.ChB., M.Med
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Specialist and experienced ENT Surgeon.

“Dr Elaine Yuko” Locations

Hurlingham Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat Doctors Onboard: 3 Closed during public holidays

About “Dr Elaine Yuko”

Dr. Elaine Yuko is a specialist and experienced ENT Surgeon. She qualified with a Bachelor of Medicine and surgery in 2005 and a Masters of Medicine in Ear Nose and Throat surgery in 2012 at the University of Nairobi Medical School. She is a member of the Kenya Ear Nose and Throat Society (KENTS).

Dr. Yuko has admission rights at Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital, Karen Hospital, Coptic Hospital, Nairobi South Hospital, Better Living Hospital, Ladnan Hospital, and The Aga Khan Hospital among others. She is a consultant at the ENT department at the Kenyatta National Hospital.

Dr. Yuko offers outpatient consultancy services to several institutions such as EABL and provides voluntary services to operation Eardrop, supporting heavily subsidized ear surgeries at the Kenyatta National Hospital, Gertrudes, and the County Hospitals.


Offered Services

Ent Surgery 6 Service(s)
Allergy and Rhinology
Head and Neck
Otology and Neurology
Paediatric Otolaryngology
Ontorhinolaryngology Oncology




  • Kenya Ear Nose and Throat Society (KENTS).

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