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Take A Right Step For Your Life

Healthie Safari is a leading digital healthcare booking platform in Kenya. We provide patients with access to top-rated doctors and build long-term doctor-patient relationships.

How It Works

The best specialists and doctors in more than 25 specialties. Find a doctor near you and book an appointment in less than 5 minutes!

Talent Behind the Curtain

With verified reviews, Healthie Safari allows patients to search, compare, and book appointments with the best nearby doctors instantly.

Dr. Lawrence Mbae, MB.Ch.B., MPH
Technical Consultant

Dr. Lawrence Mbae is a public health manager with a strong interest in the rapid scale-up of innovative and high-impact health solutions to prevent and alleviate suffering. He is an expert in general medicine, HIVMNCH and public health management, implementation of quality assurance and improvement, and roll-out of innovative health solutions.

Dr. Mbae has a wealth of experience in leading and managing health innovations. He has previously worked as the Deputy Director for Clinical Services at Population Services International – Kenya, where he led one of the biggest social health franchises in the country. He has also worked for the Gold Star Network as the Associate Director, as the Technical Adviser for ICAP at Columbia University, and as a consultant at League Healthcare and Grant Thornton.